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Concierge Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate, adapt, and provide our services with agility, speed, foresight, and loyalty. . . Like a Cheetah.

concierge service dfwForgot to stop at the dry cleaners on your way to work and they close before you get off? You need a Cheetah. Have to work late and can’t pick up the dog at the groomers before they close? You need a Cheetah. Need a document notarized and mailed, but you can’t leave the office? You need a Cheetah.

Like a Cheetah’s Concierge Services takes care of the things your life won’t let you get to. From personal errands like shopping and picking up dry cleaning, to business tasks like having a notary come to you and dropping a deposit at the bank, to picking up your 4-legged family members; Like a Cheetah gives you time to breathe when you don’t have time to spare.

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